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Advice for Parents
Featured Question

Q. Can you get high from a can of whipping cream?

A. It’s not the cream that can make you high, but the propellant (gas) that pressurizes the can so the cream will come out whipped.

The gas is an anaesthetic gas and is perfectly safe when used to whip the cream to a froth. The manufacturer in no way intends for the gas to be inhaled, but when it is, it can be damaging – and even deadly. For more information on inhalants, go to http://www.inhalants.org.

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Tips for Parents

New...Newspaper supplement

“Majority Rules” – a newspaper supplement that lets kids tell kids about the benefits of being drug-free – is now available for placement in community newspapers as well as daily newspapers. To find out how you can help make it happen in your community, send an e-mail query to [email protected].

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