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Tips for Parenting
Plan ahead for summer.

It's not too early to begin planning supervised activities for kids during summer vacation. The middle-school and early-high school years can be difficult with children too young to have a job and seemingly old enough to look after themselves. At this impressionable age, they still need supervision and lots of attention from positive role models. 

Try to provide a series of interesting opportunities to keep kids occupied and supervised. Some examples: 

  • Volunteer to be a Junior Counselor at a day camp 
  • Take on responsibility for animals, mail and watering for neighbors on vacation 
  • Participate in swimming lessons or join a swim team 
  • Visit grandparents for a week 
  • Take a family vacation 
  • Offer to be a Mother's Helper for a neighborhood Mom with small children 

These activities are "memory-makers" that your kids will look back on fondly.

Send us your tips for parenting concerning kids and drugs.

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