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Family-Oriented Intervention Reduces Delinquent Behavior, Drug-Use and Recidivism Among Arrested Youth

Family-oriented interventions can improve the behavior and psychosocial functioning of youths arrested on misdemeanor or felony charges, according to an evaluation of the Family Empowerment Intervention (FEI). Arrested youths and their families participated in three one-hour family meetings per week for approximately ten weeks. The meetings sought to improve family functioning by establishing boundaries and expectations, improving parenting, communication, and problem-solving skills, and connecting the family to other social support systems. 

Compared to youths who only received services routinely provided by the juvenile justice system, youths participating in the FEI had lower rates of reported drug sales, a reduced frequency of getting very high or drunk on alcohol, and less short-term marijuana use. In addition, youths completing the intervention were more likely to have favorable outcomes than all other youths. FEI completers had lower rates of reported involvement in drug sales, total delinquency, and crimes against persons; fewer new arrests and new charges; a reduced frequency of getting very high or drunk on alcohol; and less short-term marijuana use.

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