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Adolescent drinking and driving.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control recently published a study about adolescent drinking and driving and seat belt use.  Data from the 1997 Youth Risk Behavior Survey showed that: 
  • More than one in three students rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol in the past 30 days; 
  • Males were slightly more likely than females to ride with a drinking driver; 
  • One in six students drove after drinking alcohol in the past 30 days; 
  • Males were nearly twice as likely as females to drive after drinking; 
  • Less than one-third of students always wore seat belts when riding in a car driven by someone else; 
  • Males were slightly less likely than females to always wear a seatbelt. 

Everett SA, Shults RA, Barrios LC, Sacks JJ, Lowry R, and Oeltmann J. Trends and subgroup differences in transportation-related injury risk and safety behaviors among high school students, 1991-97. Journal of Adolescent Health 2001;28(3):228-234.

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