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When my grandchildren were babies and toddlers, I spent a lot of time with them and felt like we would have a great relationship. Now that they are older (8 and 10), I feel like they are drawing away. My gut tells me that I can still be a positive influence and help their parents guide them down the right path. I just don't know how to approach them. Any ideas?


Every grandchild (and parent!) should be so lucky!! You have much to offer your growing grandchildren. Here are some ideas:    
  Find a way to communicate directly with the kids and do it regularly. E-mail if you can, telephone if not. Today's kids thrive on immediate communication techniques.  
  Ask them to help you set up (more) a new computer and learn how to use it, or let them program your VCR to record your favorite programs, or get them to teach you the latest dance steps. 
  Teach them how to tie knots, how to bake bread, how to read a map, how to make change. 
  Invite them to spend time with you one-on-one. You can cook together, go to a movie, have a manicure, go to the theatre or to a concert - things they wouldn't do at home. 

Let them know that you are in touch with their world. Ask about their report cards. Discuss issues raised in the news. You'll find that they will listen to you when they won't listen to their parents. Be sure they know that you support their parents and that you love them all. You are the ultimate cheerleader. Enjoy them.

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