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My youngest son, age 16, is currently in an inpatient drug-treatment facility.  What are some of the best things I can do when he gets out to make his rehabilitation easier on us all and help prevent relapse?


First, congratulations to your son (and your whole family!) for staying with a treatment plan.  Your anxiety is completely understandable.  Here are a few things that will help ease the transition back home:
  1. Talk to the counselors before he is released for suggestions about how to help support him.  They may suggest an after-care group for awhile.
  2. Before he comes home, be sure to have a frank discussion about your expectations.
  3. Remember, he's a teenager.  He'll make mistakes.
  4. Support his recovery but don't smother him.
  5. Be prepared if there is a relapse.  Have a plan and act quickly.
  6. Welcome him back with all the pride and joy you feel!

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