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Q.  I'm the new Drug Awareness Chairman for our elementary school PTA. How can I get parents interested and involved without getting them too scared?

A.  What a great question! Instead of planning a meeting devoted to drug prevention and information, why not begin by using just a minute or two of each monthly meeting to drop a few facts or tips. You can use this website and those we link to for ideas. Also use the newsletter if your school or PTA has one. Just a quick tip - a few lines will do. This website is maintained with federal funds so everything on it is in the public domain (you don't have to ask for permission to reprint it!) 

Read the local newspaper diligently and look for topics that may be of immediate concern. When you find that (maybe an article about local Rave parties or an unsupervised teen party in the neighborhood) use it as the catalyst for gathering information and presenting it with a local expert to the PTA as a whole. And you've done it - awareness and interest based on fact and presented with a local twist! Good luck!

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