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Ask A Parent
Featured Question for week of August 7, 2000:

Our son, age 17, has admitted to smoking marijuana after we confronted him with evidence that he used our ATM card to get $100 cash. He claims he spent the $100 in one day on marijuana and smoked it all himself. Is this feasible? He claims $20 per gram. We're worried about other drugs. Do you have any information on the price of marijuana?

The price of marijuana varies from day to day and locale to locale so there's no way to confirm what he paid. It seems like you're missing two really important issues: one, your son stole your ATM card and used it to steal $100 from you; and two, your son admits he used the stolen money to buy and use an illicit drug. Someone needs to confront his illegal use of drugs and his theft and use of your card. If you are interested in knowing what other drugs he may have used, you can have him tested. It's unlikely that you can depend on him to tell you the truth at this time.

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