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Q. My daughter is a high-school junior. She want to have a party to celebrate becoming a rising senior. It seems like a great idea to me but I'm worried about it turning into a drinking party. What can I do to help this be both fun and safe?

A. It is a great idea for a party! Just as with parties for adults, this one will need lots of planning to go off smoothly. Sit down with your daughter and listen to her ideas for activities (videos, pizza or ice cream sundae construction…) decorations, food, guest list and dates.

Try to help her incorporate everything she wants within the limitations of your budget and the size of your home. Try to keep the invitation list small - 10-15 teens per adult. (And, yes, there will be chaperones. It's your home remember?) The party should be by invitation only. Your daughter can design and make the invitations or you can buy them. Flyer-style invitations invite mass reproduction so stick with a small group and unique invitations.

Set starting and ending times for the party. Check your local curfew laws and consider nighttime driving restrictions.

Be sure your daughter agrees with your party rules:

  • No alcohol, or other drugs
  • No one can leave the party and then return
  • Some rooms are off-limits (bedrooms, formal areas of the house….)

Then plan how you will be there without being square! You can watch TV in another room close by without being in the way. Or invite another couple to help chaperone and play cards or games. Serve snacks often.

You'll all have a great time making wonderful memories for your senior-to-be!

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