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Q. I saw some bottled lemonade in a store last week. In small print on the label it said, "lemonade brew" so I'm pretty sure it had alcohol in it! I can't imagine adults drinking this stuff. Is their target market kids? What can I do?

A. Yes, it has alcohol in it (5% - about a beer's worth). There are several competitors in this fizzy-lemon malt beverage business. Their promotions appear to be designed to appeal to a youthful market. One says "Lemonade tastes good and all, but I bet it tastes better with alcohol." That's why some critics like David Jernigan of the Marin Institute refer to them as "learner drinks".

In defense, the industry spokespersons point to a number of sweet cocktails consisting of alcoholic beverages mixed with juices and other sweet liquids. 

Nonetheless, if you are concerned, go to the manager of the store where you saw these drinks and voice your objection. At the very least, ask that the drinks be shelved with other alcoholic beverages and away from the juices. And be sure that the check-out clerks can identify them as alcoholic beverages.

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