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Q. What is the quickest way to get help for our teenaged son? We've just received a drug test that was positive for marijuana use. 

A. Get the name of a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist who works well with adolescents. You can ask your family physician, school counselor, minister or rabbi, or call a local treatment center for a referral. 

When you call to make an appointment, ask the professional to meet with you on a day prior to your son's appointment so you can explain what has happened and how you feel about it. You will want to be sure that the counselor can support your family's expectations about drug use. 

Then let the professional work with your son. Do not expect to find out what they talk about - it's privileged. The counselor may suggest some group sessions for the whole family to hammer out agreements, expectations and consequences. That's a great thing. 

Hopefully, you've discovered this before it's become a big problem. Your responsibility is to assure that this boy can grow up healthy and reach his highest potential. With your love and support, he can. Godspeed.

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