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Parents in Action:
Spotlight on Positive Parenting

In Austin, Texas, HIPPY doesn't refer to a long-haired beatnik from the 60s - it stands for Home Instruction Program for Pre-school Youngsters and it's a big hit with 130 mostly Hispanic families with young children ages 3, 4 and 5. 

Nine parent leaders who are peer-mentors from the community each carry a caseload of 15-20 families that they meet with weekly. The leaders bring books and activity packets to each family that address age-specific readiness tasks for parents to work on with their children. 

Families may be referred by teachers, counselors or school social workers or they may hear about the program from a neighbor and self-select. 

The program, which has been active as a part of Communities in Schools - Central Texas since 1991, added a parent group training to its services in 2000. The training delivered is Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities. It is primarily a violence-prevention program with a heavy emphasis on parenting skills. The program is delivered during school hours and supervised activities are provided for younger siblings. 

Some of the HIPPY graduates are now parent leaders, others are community leaders and are active in a variety of projects. 

The goal of Communities in Schools is to keep kids in school. Program leaders believe HIPPY helps by preparing kids and parents for success in school which leads to staying in school. 

For further information about the HIPPY Program in Austin, contact: 
Martha Gilbreath, Program Director 
[email protected] 

For further information about HIPPY, which was developed at Hebrew University for use in Jerusalem, see www.c3pg.com.

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