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Parents in Action:
Spotlight on Positive Parenting

Talk about your active PTA groups! In Hackensack, NJ, members of the Fanny Meyers Hillers PTA mounted a campaign for a parenting program. They looked for funding, wrote a successful grant and prevailed upon the elementary school's parent-teacher liaison, Jerome Pemberton to organize and lead the groups. 

The first group of about 20 dedicated parents is meeting weekly utilizing Effective Black Parenting in a 15-week program. Keys to attendance for this group include a dinner meal for the families and babysitting and activities for the children while the parents meet for 2 hours in the evening. The program is held in the public housing community where these parents reside. 

The public housing community is made up of African-American and Latino residents. When training is complete, Mr. Pemberton will initiate a program called Los Ninos for the Latino families. In January, a program targeting the Caucasian PTA members will begin. This very active PTA is excited about the programming because it was their idea. They have the full support of the administration with the school principal sharing dinner and building a supportive relationship with them. 

To find out more about how this program works and how you could replicate it in your community, contact:
 Jerome Pemberton
 Fanny Meyers Hillers School 
56 Longview Avenue
 Hackensack, NJ 07601 

[email protected]

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