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Parents in Action:
Spotlight on Positive Parenting

In rural Wilson, North Carolina (county population 62,000), a small grassroots organization is making a big contribution to the community.  Wilson Families in Action is responsible for four exciting projects.

WFA sponsors Project Graduation for all 5 high schools in Wilson – representing a total of 600 seniors.  This all-night party is completely funded by in-kind contributions, cash and volunteer chaperones from the community.  All food is donated – enough to feed 400-600 seniors all night!  In addition, $8,000-$12,000 is donated for prizes, entertainment and t-shirts.  The prizes are good enough to keep most seniors there until 5 o’clock in the morning!  What a great way for the community to honor its graduates and keep them safe at the same time.

Parent-to-Parent workshops that WFA delivers in schools (including a new charter school), churches and in the Hispanic community, offer parents the information and support they need to raise drug-free kids.

In collaboration with law enforcement and the mental health centers, WFA assists with a program called Simple Pleasures/An Alternative High for parents in public housing communities.  Volunteers demonstrate how to set up simple games and activities such as sidewalk art using limited resources. 

And, as the North Carolina state partner for the Red Ribbon campaign, WFA helps raise drug-prevention awareness throughout the state.

For more information about how you can form a group in your community, replicate any of the projects listed above, and involve other players in your efforts, contact: 

Carol Brewer
Wilson Families in Action
P.O. Box 3553
Wilson, NC 27895-3553
252-237-1242 (phone)
252-243-0714 (fax)

If you are asking for a brochure, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed business envelope.

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