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Parents in Action:
Spotlight on Positive Parenting

August 2000

A Parent Support Group just for teens is meeting once a week in Gloucester County, New Jersey. It was designed to bring teen parents, who are still in high school, together to discuss common problems and to exchange ideas and resources. They believe that parenting is prevention! The parents bring their children – childcare is provided – and have dinner together.

In this friendly, social environment the teens explore ways to make their lives easier by making wise choices while providing a loving home for their children. Connections to community resources make a big difference to these young parents. The group operates under the auspices of Parents Anonymous. Deanna Davis facilitates the group.

For more information, contact:

Deanna Davis
Parents Anonymous
12 Roszel Road
Suite A-103
Princeton, NJ  08540
phone: (609) 243-9779
FAX: (609) 243-0169
Help Line: (800) 843-5437 (24 hours)

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